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Author of ‘Gods and heroes’ & other books of the ‘Itan – legends of the golden age’ series.

To promote ‘Gods and heroes’ I recently went on a Book Tour of Yorubaland. I visited the ancient and storied towns of Ijebu-Ode, Oyo, Ile-Ife and Ibadan, all of which are featured in stories from ‘Gods and heroes’ and other books of the ‘Itan – legends of the golden age’ series.' My book and I received an enthusiastic reception from the people and monarchs of all these towns. And for me in particular, it was gratifying to know that our old Yoruba traditions such as oral poetry, ewi and the playing of the ganganor talking drum, are still alive and well in the heartland.

When I came back to Texas, it was to receive accolades in recognition of my efforts to promote our ancient African culture and traditions. I was a recipient of the 2018 O’odua Image Awardgiven out by the Yoruba Youth Corporation of America. With this award, I was named a CULTURAL AMBASSADOR of the Yoruba people in North America.  I am greatly encouraged by this award which I consider not an honor just for myself...

The Yorubas are a great and ancient people. Today, the population of people claiming Yoruba origin or speaking a form of the Yoruba language number about 50 million around the globe. And in many of these countries, especially Cuba and Brazil, the ancient Yoruba religion of Ifa is accorded the status of a state religion. In these places, not just in the Yorubaland heartland of Western Nigeria, the old religious traditions of the Yorubas – of Ifa – are preserved.  And the ancient Yoruba gods whose stories are told in the book ‘Gods and heroes’ -  Olokun, Obatala and Orunmila – are revered and worshipped. There are also many adherents here in the United States of Ifa, in places like Louisiana where African-American ‘babalawos’ are still known to practice their art.

Yorubas represent the most vibrant and successful ethnic group to come out of Africa since the early 1900s’.  Enterprising and intelligent, they dominated the early political and public life of Nigeria on its foun...

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